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About Verity Pabla

Verity Pabla

photography by Phil Orona

With a formal background as a devising theatre performer and director, Verity graduated in 2005 from Theatre & Professional Practice at Coventry University, U.K. where she first began writing and recording new music. She also trained early on in KaiAmea - a school of therapy and spiritual development based on quantum and meta-physics. 2006 saw the beginnings of I'm not a machine productions as Verity co-created a one-off national festival in England called 100% Pure. After a departure from Non-descript theatre company, a couple of months travelling , and a brief revisit to Tryptyc Records (a label she co-created at University), Verity decided that a full time music career and the opportunity to develop new creative projects under her own steam was the right path to follow!

I'm not a machine productions has come to embody all that Verity is about and from 2007 to the present day she has released new recorded music, played live gigs, put on events, and developed other artistic projects. Global living, collaborations across oceans, sharing experiences through music, and seeing visions come to life have all become common place in the reality of the British born singer, songwriter and guitarist.

With the launch of the new brand, I'm not a machine music, Verity intends to give greater access to not only her music but that of other soul-centred singers - for those people who stand to gain from the empowering, conscious and powerful music written and sung by the all female roster of artists. Partnering also with Ben Skirth of White Locust, I'm not a machine music is a company of unique individuals who are here to share their creativity throughout 2015 and beyond!

About Ben Skirth

After gaining a first class honours degree in Illustration at Coventry University, Ben had his first professional role as an Intern for I'm not a machine productions in 2010. From the animation of a music video for Verity Pabla, a video ident for the company, the design of everything from gig posters to press packs to business cards, as well as input into the website, Ben stood out as the most dedicated member of the team. Freelancing under the 'White Locust' title since then, Ben has gone on to be a crucial member of other England based companies and an invaluable asset to anyone he has done creative and technical work for.

Ben frequently collaborated with I'm not a machine productions long after the graduate internship finished. His design and web development skills can be seen on the music website of Verity, whilst his touch is seen on everything from CD artwork layout, social media promotional materials through to the new I'm not a machine music brand. Now an official part of I'm not a machine productions, Ben is looking forward to creating a revolution in music and hopes you enjoy finding out about I'm not a machine music!
Ben Skirth